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When the game logo appeared on her television, Brenna started a new game, waiting yet again while the first stage was prepared. She'd never believed she could be so wonderfully stretched, and grew even angrier with her arousal at being so filled by the inhumanly red length of a dog. Lara moaned weakly, tears escaping from under the black blindfold to slide down her beautiful cheeks. Brenna pressed the red circle button and tapped down with the direction pad, not quite giving Lara an orgasm, but making her cunt burn with lust, generating a fresh outpouring of honey that splattered across Lara's inner thighs and down her crotch to her asshole. August 10, The naked girl reached into a drawer of her dresser, withdrawing a mass of dark leather straps.

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She felt a little cooler than the bitches he was used too, but definitely tight. She spotted the tribals approaching her, each of them carrying hard sticks about an inch thick. One suspects that this is because sexual violence against women remains the sort of viewing of which uncomfortable erections are made. Brenna crushed Lara's tit with her tiny lips, sucking hungrily on the woman's engorged nipple. Lara lay on her twitching belly, her entire body drained of strength. The attempted gang rape, in other words, was what turned her into that aggressively sexual being.

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He was almost ready to knot Lara, and ensure none was wasted.

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Fan Fiction Friday: Lara Croft in “Lara Croft on Cannibal Island”

Password Reset. Lara wore her long auburn hair in a loose ponytail, a large red bow tied halfway down its length. With a final splash of her face, she set to scrubbing the chunkier dirt from her clothing, to ensure her backpack load was as light as possible when they'd dried over night. Successful shoot-'em-ups, after all, are about sustaining an atmosphere of constant threat and menace, about maintaining vigilance and looking for potential attackers on every corner — and that at least nudges towards the real-life experience of women who have been, or are taught to expect to be, the victims of sexual violence in public space. Hey baby, nice history of sexual trauma you got there. The feeling surprised her and she wondered if she had been fed an herbal pain killer of some sort.

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lara croft sex stories
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lara croft sex stories
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‘lara croft’ stories

Hey baby, nice history of sexual trauma you got there. Too smart to fall himself, his favoured bitches had fallen beneath Lara's pistols and so he'd trailed her out into the sunlight seeking recompense. All the stories are still here, just organized differently. When the game logo appeared on her television, Brenna started a new game, waiting yet again while the first stage was prepared. She yelped at the tug on her scalp, and tried to slam her head backwards into the dog's snout. Lara moaned softly, her pussy on fire as Ena yanked back on her ponytail to lick her mouth.

lara croft sex stories
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