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She also flirts with Johnny, but the two never establish a relationship. You're perfect. Maxie, shocked, says he's lying because he's mad that she asked him to leave. On July 14,Spinelli serenades Maxie and they go back to Jason's and make love. Obrecht tells them that the front door doesn't use the same security pad as the inside doors and they decide that is their best bet. As the wedding date approached, Maxie tried her hardest to convince everyone that she really wanted to marry Spinelli, but later admitted to Lulu that she made a mistake in agreeing and Lulu tried to convince Maxie to call the wedding off.

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Nathan is later seen at Kelly's talking to Dante about what happened with him, Johnny, and Lulu. Maxie and her first crush, Lucky. He says if she keeps staying the night, he will keep doing the cooking. He realizes that Levi convinced her to kick him out but Maxie says that she is trying to live a more healthy earth life style even thou the shampoo she uses leaves her hair dull and lifeless but Nathan says that it looks really nice. Maxie gets a job as Kate Howard Megan Ward 's assistant.

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Meanwhile, Maxie asks Lulu to help her pick out her dress and Lulu tells her to wear the blue one.

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Is Maxie on GH Pregnant?

Nathan walks in and it is revealed that the hearing wasn't suppose to be until the next day and that the judge wanted Nathan there. Maxie tells him this can't become a thing "the little voice made me do it". Maxie and Nathan decide to focus on getting out and getting help. Nathan is still outside when Victor starts talking about how someone is missing and he tells Nathan to come out or he will kill Maxie. Maxie explained that she wanted them to make the move, because it would be easier to stick to the judge's ruling if her daughter was 3, miles away and not right across town. Maxie asks "Promise?

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who is maxie dating on general hospital
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who is maxie dating on general hospital
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Maxie Jones

It turns out that Victor Cassadine is behind this. Nathan is later seen trying to get out of his cuffs and worrying about Maxie. Then it flips to a flashback, to a few months ago, of Maxie and Lulu talking about their time at Crimson while putting up campaign posters. He then accuses Levi of tipping off the judge which he did. Robert Scorpio Mac's brother.

who is maxie dating on general hospital
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