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Ellisa is a lost sheeple now. What changed? Helen says that McCrae will always been seen as less of a threat than Amanda. Please I hope Helen is out,Judd comes back in and Ellissa actually has to have a conversation with someone after tonight besides Helen. Tits out on big brother buffalo chicks. Elissa who I planned to evict a week agoHelen who wields the MVP like a weaponCandace who is nice but keeps doing the girls vs boys angleAndy Who bounces all over the place telling everybody everythingJudd who speaks a dialect nobody understandsand Jessie who just needs a boyfriend.

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A beacon of Hope maybe? Additionally on one occassion the female house guest expresses how she played beat the gay guy and then proceeds to show us how its done. True and yes they would have the majority but i think the other side will win more competitions for one and two theyll come after him first. Howard says the plan is to go in tell Andy and Judd at the last minute that McCrea and Amanda flipped the vote. Hope you got the Howard Michael Vick dog fighting convo that happened. That would be Perfect!

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Dan acted interested in people and asked them questions all the time.

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Aaryn says if I get MVP you all should self-evict because I have done nothing MVP worthy!

Simon, Dawg, love your website and visit it daily. Man I thought I was the only one! They continue speculating on who it could be depending on who goes up. Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Arya Stark is a Badass. While I am not so much a Helen fan, that would have been a better game for her.

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Vote Up 0 0 Vote Down Reply. August 22, at 4: She has managed to win 2 POVs when she needed them. If it was just one or two contestants, they could axe them but at this point, they would have to get rid of Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer, GM, etc. Hope you got the Howard Michael Vick dog fighting convo that happened. Jessie starts talking about her theories about the competition.

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